16th edition - April 22, 2017 - facebook.com/alternatieve.boekenbeurs
De Koer
Meibloemstraat 86
9000 Ghent
From Calais or Oostende: motorway Oostende - Brussels (direction of Brussels): follow the signs for the exit Gent Centrum (B401), after the split Gent Centrum (B401) and Gent-Zeehaven E17 you reach the last split before the motorway stops in the city of Gent, at this split you can chose between Gent Centrum (straigth on) or Alle Richtingen (right), take the last one (Alle Richtingen), it leads you (after a few hundred metres) to an intersection with traffic lights, you will have to turn right there so go for the right lane (first or second). Turn right (the only tiny direction indicated here is 'R4 Zelzate'), then you are on the small ring road: to your right is the river, within 500 meters from the intersection you go towards the middle of the road to the elevated part (no problem if you miss it, you just go on alongside it and will have to wait at the next intersection, which the elevated part bypasses), next the ring road turns left and instead of the river the railway (up a slope) will be on your right, you go on untill you arrive at a huge circle, with a basin in the middle. This is known as Dampoort, named after the railway station to the right. Here you actually have to go straight on, but to achieve this you have to go around the circle and take the direction N9 EEKLO/EXPO. About 300 meters beyond the circle, when the road goes a bit to the left, the Kraankindersstraat is the little road on your left. Park your car along the ringroad at the post office, a few metres further on.
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