16th edition - April 22, 2017 - facebook.com/alternatieve.boekenbeurs
16th International @lternative bookfair
Saturday April 22, 2017
Ghent, De Koer, Meibloemstraat 86
Free entrance

The place to be for critical, counter-current books and publications, hard to find in mainstream bookstores.

From 10 a.m. onwards, lots of independent editors and distributors, NGO's and action groups from Belgium, UK, France, Netherlands will present their books, magazines, dvd's, music, t-shirts,...

Apart from a large selection of libertarian / anarchist books, you will find lots of publications in the fields of antiglobalism, direct action, anti-militarism, feminism, radical eco-action,...

Parallel to the bookfair, we present a program of workshops, debate, exposition. Find the full program online here soon.

Concerts and afterparty form 8 pm onwards: 5 Euro

Dagobert (dub, de Kempen, BE)

P.A.I.N. (legendary dub/ska/punk, UK)

DJ Poison
Open from 10 am to 6 pm
De Centrale
Kraankindersstraat 2
9000 Gent
De Koer
Meibloemstraat 86
9000 Gent
organization: Ilia vzw with Infotheek Gent and Infomania Gent, info: aboekenbeurs@yahoo.com